life’s a pitch: what 2017 taught me

life’s a pitch: what 2017 taught me

Fellow freelancers and small businesses owners – do you ever feel like there’s just SO much to learn?

Recently, I’ve been feeling a little bit out of my depth. I don’t know if I should be admitting that, but there we go. The first half of 2017 was so positive for me work-wise that I think I assumed things would just keep going up… but the reality of freelancing is that work comes in peaks and troughs. It’s not that the second half of 2017 was bad – quite the contrary, I worked on some fantastic projects with a variety of wonderful people. It’s just that I somehow found myself feeling constantly busy, yet never quite comfortable finance-wise, to the point where I was giving myself a hard time for having spent a week abroad in the Summer. I felt like I’d been incredibly irresponsible for spending that money instead of saving it.

Looking back, I don’t regret taking that trip at all… I just wish I’d been more proactive in looking for clients earlier on in the year. Last Winter/Spring, I was lucky enough to have a good number of clients approaching me, rather than the other way around, and I think I’d just let myself get a bit complacent. Here’s the thing: pitching TERRIFIES me. The idea of approaching potential customers out of the blue and trying to sell my video services to them is something that I find very intimidating, but I know now that it’s an absolutely essential part of being a freelancer.

Freelancing is a massive learning curve, and all of this has lead me to decide on two main goals for 2018:

-Become better at planning my finances
-Master the art of the pitch

Last year, my work came on in leaps and bounds creatively. I upgraded my equipment, put a lot of time and effort into improving my skills stylistically and really delved into the more technical sides of filmmaking. So it feels right to shift my focus to the business side of things in the coming months.

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