Hey! I’m Helen.

I’m a freelance videographer, photographer and digital content creator based in Cardiff, UK. After leaving university in 2014, I worked in a number of different digital marketing roles before quickly realising that I wasn’t happy or fulfilled. In all of these roles, it was my camera skills and ability to edit that had given me an edge, and I realised that actually I might be able to use them to create my own business. For a couple of years, I took on videography and photography work as a side hustle alongside other jobs – until it finally became my full-time gig in 2016. Since then there have been ups and downs, but I love this freelance life that I lead!

Working for myself has transformed my life.
It means I decide how I can be flexible with my working hours. It means I’m constantly meeting new people and dipping into different worlds, giving me the variety and stimulation that I so missed in other jobs. It means more opportunities to visit new place – either directly through work or because I can actually set aside the time to do so. And, perhaps most importantly, it means a sense of fulfilment, achievement and pride in what I do, because I built this.

I want to encourage others dreaming of an unconventional career path to take the plunge. I don’t believe that we have to spend years sticking it out in a job that doesn’t makes us feel fulfilled, or even that we have to just have one job title that defines us.


For more info about my work, or to take a look at my videography and photography portfolios, head over to helen-griffiths.co.uk


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